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                Discussion on some methods of environmentally friendly treatment of straw



                  At present, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection treatment of straw. Compared with returning straw to the field, silage fodder or straw pellet fuel seems to be more favored. Investigation and purchase of suitable straw pulverizers and straw dryers will turn them into waste. Treasure, find a more reasonable place.

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                  Today, straw burning has been banned explicitly. Recycling of straw has become the focus of research and attention. Corn, sorghum and other crop straws can be used as "four materials", namely fertilizer, feed, fuel and raw materials. In addition to fertilizer, the latter three all require certain Conditions, silage fodder must be fresh enough to produce dry feed or straw pellet fuel whose internal moisture content is not higher than 15%. Zhengzhou Dingli's straw feed production line includes straw crushing, drying and molding, and wet corn and sorghum straw are crushed by a crusher. The feeding machine enters the dryer for drying. The straw dryer adopts a three-layer drum and air-flow drying mode, which has good thermal insulation effect, high heat conversion rate, rapid evaporation of moisture in the straw, and ** final dry matter moisture content of the straw. In 12% -15%, it fully meets the requirements for straw feed and pellet fuel production.

                  The straw is dried and made into feed or fuel. It is widely used at present. The cost of corn straw recycling is low. The market price of straw pellet fuel is high. It is more economical and environmentally friendly. If you want to buy straw drying equipment, please add my whatsapp +8615670626070

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