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                The use of vinegar residues and vinegar residues in the production of vinegar residue dryer



                  The economic benefits of recycling vinegar grains into feed for use in breeding plants and feed mills have been fully verified and proven by the market. The cost of vinegar grain feed is low and the nutrition is rich. With the advancement of processing technology, both the taste and storage have been well received Solution. The vinegar grain dryer is an important machine in the vinegar grain feed processing equipment.

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                  The main function of the vinegar lees dryer is to dehydrate the vinegar lees and dry and improve the quality, extend the shelf life, facilitate reprocessing, and it is also a pre-processing process for vinegar lees recycling. The carrier of the vinegar grain dryer is mainly a three-cylinder dryer, which can be heated by heating the air with hot air furnaces including coal heating, natural gas heating, and gas generators. The hot air reaches the required temperature and enters the drum. The wet vinegar lees are fully heat-exchanged, and the moisture of the wet vinegar lees is strongly evaporated, and it is dried in a few seconds, which meets the water requirements of vinegar lees.

                  The vinegar dryer can also be a tube-type drum dryer with steam as the heat medium, which has the same effect, and is more environmentally friendly and low power consumption.

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