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                How much is a small brewer's grain spent dryer?



                  The processing capacity of small-scale brewer‘s  grain spent dryer is uncertain, and can be customized freely. It can dry 10 tons or 300 tons per day. The heat source can be coal burning or natural gas, or a steam drying system. How much is a small lees dryer, different configurations, manufacturers, technical levels, different quotes.

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                  The price of small-scale  dryer mainly depends on the specific model and configuration, and the standard price of more than 100,000 or hundreds of thousands of high-level is possible. Zhengzhou Jiutian dryer manufacturers offer affordable, mature technology, and there are many cases of lees dryer projects. From traditional coal-fired lees to natural gas drying, to steam drying lees, there are on-site promotion for users. More detailed and intuitive understanding.

                  The small-scale brewer's grain spent dryer mainly includes a dehydration system, a heat source system, a feeding system, a conveying system, a drying drum, a fan system, an electric control system, and a dust removal system. Cost analysis under conditions, including video, illustration of a small brewer's grain spent  dryer etc.

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