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                How to drying beer lees quickly?



                 Beer lees are produced during the beer processing process and can be used as feed ingredients. How to use brewer’s grain spent  dryer to dry the specific beer lees today I will briefly introduce to you.

                Brewer\'s Grain Spent dryer.jpg

                The beer grains enter the inner layer of the rotary drum from the feeding device to achieve downstream drying. The material moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer for countercurrent drying. Take a step back, the beer grains travel to the other end of the middle layer and fall into the outer layer. The beer grains travel in a rectangular multi-loop manner in the outer drum. The wet material cannot travel quickly due to its own weight, and the beer grains are fully dried in this rectangular copyboard, thereby completing the drying purpose.

                Beer lees can be dried through the above process. Dingli lees dryer is currently used in many projects. Dingli lees dryer supports customization. There are many specifications and models. Welcome to call +86156070626070 for consultation.

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