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                Sawdust Dryer And Biomass Fuel Dryer Equipment Price



                  The mechanical equipment for drying wood chips, sawdust, and bamboo chips is also a biomass fuel dryer. It is the main quality-improving machine in the biomass fuel production equipment production line to improve the molding rate and promote the full combustion of fuel and increase the heat generation. Which equipment manufacturer, biomass fuel dryer price is more cost-effective?

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                  The equipment for drying wood chips can also be a wood chip dryer, which belongs to biomass fuel drying equipment. The carrier is a three-layer rotary drum dryer. The hot air furnace heats air into the drum and directly exchanges heat with the wet wood chips in the drying structure. The cross section passes through the drying wood chip material curtain in the form of co-current or counter-current, which strongly evaporates the moisture, and the hot air mixed with water vapor enters the dust removal system and is discharged after meeting the requirements of the environmental assessment.

                  The price of biomass fuel dryer equipment

                  What is the price of the wood chip dryer equipment or sawdust and biomass dust dryer and other biomass fuel dryers? More than 100,000 or hundreds of thousands are possible. The specific price still needs to be based on user requirements, including dryer configuration, processing materials, specifications and models, and what are the voluntary options available to users. Dryer manufacturers tailor-made technologies. After the plan, the price of the biomass fuel dryer is determined, which is more informative, convenient for market evaluation, and improving the quality of procurement.

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