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                How much is brewer's grain spent processing pellet feed equipment—Brewer's Grain Spent Dryer Manufacturers Complete Supply



                  What are the machinery for the grain feed processing equipment? There are mainly lees dehydration, drying, stirring, granulating and packing machines, and other accessories. One line has high procurement efficiency and guaranteed quality. Therefore, brewer's grain spent dryer manufacturers can currently supply complete sets of customized equipment.

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                  Brewer's grain spent include beer grains, wheat grains, wine grains, white spirits and other waste residues. After being used in the dehydration machine for dehydration, rotary dryers, granulators and other production lines, they can be made into taste, nutrient-rich and price Lower cost lees feed. Zhengzhou Dingli has been customizing the production of brewer's grain spent dryer for 15 years. With the changes in market demand and the extension of technology research and development, tailor-made equipment has become the norm for all parts of the country. It has a large number of production sites for field reference, and well-known beer. There are also a few cooperative projects. The output of small-scale brewer's grain spent dryer projects is 50 tons, and large-scale projects can reach hundreds of tons per day. For details, please consult.

                  How much is brewer's grain spent processing pellet feed equipment

                  After the user has determined the parameters such as the amount of brewer's grain spent processed, water content, and pelleting requirements, brewer's grain spent processing pellet feed equipment manufacturers can specifically quote and divide them into different equipment configurations. According to the user's budget, environmental protection requirements of the project, and available resources carry out comprehensive technical solution design and dryer price quotation.

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