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                Where is alfalfa grass dryer sold?



                  Can alfalfa be dried, or there is equipment for drying alfalfa, with the rapid development of the forage economy in China, the planting area has continued to expand, and whether it is alfalfa or oat grass, king bamboo grass and other grass feed can be concentrated and scaled up Drying, crushing, briquetting or bundling. Zhengzhou Jiutian manufacturers can customize a variety of grass drying equipment.

                   How to drying alfalfa?
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                  In order to ensure that the alfalfa grass maintains a better state of nutrition and taste after drying, the alfalfa grass is dried by low-temperature hot air drying, using a tumble dryer as a carrier, or a supporting grinder (for green corn) Straw-type grass feed drying), including heat source equipment, such as natural gas burners, gas generators, biomass burners, coal burning equipment, etc., can also use steam drying systems; drying drums, mainly three-cylinder drying Machine, with a large processing capacity and a small footprint; dust removal systems are divided into stand-alone dust collectors such as cyclones, or dry secondary dust collectors, such as cyclones and bag filters; electrical control systems, including electrical cabinets , PLC terminal operating system equipment in high distribution system, feeder, mainly belt conveyor.
                  Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers customize various models and configurations of standard drying grass feed equipment, various heat sources, and various dust collector configurations. For details, please consult.

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